January 11, 2008

Features of Opera that cannot be implemented in Firefox plugins

Many people fight about browsers. When Opera lovers list features that Firefox doesn't have, Firefox defenders usually say that the features can be implemented as plugins.

I'm just guessing, but I believe that the following features cannot be plugins. This list is therefore ultimate proof that Opera is a splendid internet navigator, and Firefox just a poor, sloppy follower.

  • a "paste-and-go" command

  • MDI: aka an interface with multiple windows, each of which can be resized and positioned within the browser window; you can place two windows side-by-side, using the first to track the downloads you've made in the second

  • a feature that starts downloading a clicked file while asking you what to do with the file, thus usually finishing downloads before you've even chosen where to put them

  • a feature that starts logging into a page before asking you if you want to save the password, thus allowing you to avert storing mis-typed user account names or passwords in the password cache

  • single-key shortcuts, activating features without having to hold Shift or CTRL

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