August 07, 2008

Speaking Freely

"What happened with the Great Savras(?) and for All That Are Rising was that I also thoroughly enjoy those books and they were then shown to be too simplistic to me in a later lecture. Morning with the Simple Captain with Emma and almost tempted to say that it is not a book that should be part of the English Canon. I think I am going to resist the tem(?)"

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Speaking Freely

"I'm going to resist that temptation because I believe that my response to art is that I find art is somebody that does something and that's all it is. And the authorate(?) Emma is doing something in which you can see that she is exactly matching the promise of what she has set out to do"

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Speaking Freely

"I've been reading Emma and my response to it is that it is a wonderful book with a very simple structure which is ornamented in a sattle fashion and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I but I'm wondering if the"

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August 04, 2008


Damn I don't need to go to clubs anymore. I just play Deezer at the office. I pump it on my speakers and start dancing!

Sure, I turned on supermode. And my body just started moving on its own will. My bum started jiggling in my chair, and my feet just started tapping to the beat one-two. And you know what? Everybody's bums started jiggling!

I just looked slyly around, and slowly cranked up the volume.... 4... 5... 6. Those bums just started jiggling all the more. Those feet just kept tapping, tapping, the keystrokes of the engineers and secretaries just timed more and more to the rhythm. crank it... 7... 8.... and then we couldn't take it any longer. Everybody started dancing.

A little old lady walked into the office at that second, delivering danishes. She looked like she hadn't heard of any music faster than Brahms' Lullaby, but as soon as heard the beat, she grabbed me by the waist and started swinging me between the desks like she was an Olympic athlete!

I reached out to turn the dial to 9, but then, then boss walked in on us with a stern look on his face. All of us stopped. The last to notice that something funny had happened was a new clerk, just out of school, who was still on his notice period. When he finally turned and saw the boss, you should have seen the look on his face.

And then, something incredible happened. The boss strode right on over to my desk, grabbed me firmly by the wrist of my hand which was reaching for the volume dial, looked me in the eye and, while I was in a cold sweat, expecting the worst, said just two words.

"Crank it."

We all looked at each other in wonder. And then, then little old lady shouted out "What are you all waiting for?" She grabbed the boss by the lapels, swung him in the air and heaved him into motion, both of them grinding to the hard bass beat and insistent snare. The boss looked at us and shouted "You heard the lady! What are you waiting for?" He loosened his tie and threw his jacket from his shoulders.

That did it for me... 9 ...10. I cranked the volume dial higher than it had ever gone before. Everybody, frozen by the boss' appearance, got out of the trance and back into the dance. Our co-workers started arriving from other offices, and as soon as they entered their eyes lit up and they go into the groove, swinging their partners around the room.

We were bopping around like there was no tomorrow. The music was pumping out of my computer speakers, everybody was swinging. Everybody got into the act - secretaries, janitors, delivery boys, even the window washers started swiping their rubber wipers to the rhythm.

And the computer monitors started swivelling side to side. They must have been infected with some kind of dance music virus. Then, "No," the new guy laughed. "I just installed an emotion-sensibility program in them! They literally love the music!"

We partied for hours. The boss declared it "Dance Day - a day when everyone would forget about their daily worries and relieve their stress by dancing all day long". And that's what it became, and that's what it is until this day.

July 16, 2008

Speaking Freely

"Can sound like a crop. You can pick you can cock you can sound like a hand on a door. Knock knock"

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Speaking Freely

"It can sound like a ___. It can take, he can talk, he can sound like the hand on a door, knock knock."

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Undu. Late, for work, got fired.
"You're fired, Undu!" shrieked his boss, Wo.
Man, she was psycho. But hot.
Then, Gog got hired.

May 19, 2008


I can't believe I may one day die without the ability to transmit to all humanity the utility of this:

cat a | grep -o "[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]:" | cut -d : -f 1 > x ;
sort x > xs ; cut -d , -f 1 b > y ; sort y > ys ;
diff xs ys > xydiff ;

(Let alone myself.)

May 15, 2008

Random poemia

Here are phrases which could fit in poems.

From the Greek word atomos.

The mythical bird reborn from its own ashes.

That is all.

March 01, 2008

Thing I can never find on the internet

the date of Grandmother Day

More precisely, I can't find the fête des grandmères in France, when I search on the internet. Some sites talk about it, but it is not clear if they are talking about the current year.

Despite this difficulty, nobody seems to have any trouble agreeing which day Grandmother Day occurs. If it's not on the internet, how do they know?

January 14, 2008

Lyrics to miscomprehend

Here is a line it would be good to mumble on a record, as it rolls nicely off the tongue, but its interpretation could vary widely among bewildered listeners.

Baby come truck like a wine store record record.

Baby come truck like a wine store record record.

January 11, 2008

Features of Opera that cannot be implemented in Firefox plugins

Many people fight about browsers. When Opera lovers list features that Firefox doesn't have, Firefox defenders usually say that the features can be implemented as plugins.

I'm just guessing, but I believe that the following features cannot be plugins. This list is therefore ultimate proof that Opera is a splendid internet navigator, and Firefox just a poor, sloppy follower.

  • a "paste-and-go" command

  • MDI: aka an interface with multiple windows, each of which can be resized and positioned within the browser window; you can place two windows side-by-side, using the first to track the downloads you've made in the second

  • a feature that starts downloading a clicked file while asking you what to do with the file, thus usually finishing downloads before you've even chosen where to put them

  • a feature that starts logging into a page before asking you if you want to save the password, thus allowing you to avert storing mis-typed user account names or passwords in the password cache

  • single-key shortcuts, activating features without having to hold Shift or CTRL