June 08, 2007

Refactoring Fridays

Here at Supertitle Electronic Language Logic (NYSE:SLX,NASDAQ:SELL), partners are always impressed at how ready our developers are to integrate completely new features into their code. In fact, they are impressed at how much we just talk about code.

It all comes from our agility in the way we treat the mountains of code that we produce. One big factor is discipline in its internal documentation. Another, is our willingness to refactor.

At the management level, we have a culture of refactoring. Developers are always itching to refactor their code, but they need management support in order to assign a high priority to their refactoring tasks in favour of other sometimes immediate-looking sales requests.

To that end, we have something I've called Refactoring Fridays. This is the day that all developers can dedicate all day to refactoring their code. We all contribute to the "kitty" throughout the week, and on this day we use it to buy pizzas, so nobody has to interrupt the furious refactoring ideas that have been building inside them all week.

The result is great code that's easy to extend, and robust, so it can take all the new features coming at it. Partners can't believe how quickly we can code, and of course clients love it. And that's what keeps you ahead in this business.

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