December 09, 2004

Content Specification for Fuck in Firewall Room

[ describe how paul and mary decided to fuck in the firewall room ] [ describe their care not to bump into the firewall rack ] [ describe the Ikea desk they opposite the racks on which they decided to seat Mary ] [ introduce the sagginess of this desk ] [ describe Paul's motion as he fucked Mary, and Mary's receptive motion ] [ describe the position of Paul's arms under Mary's legs ] [ describe the grip Paul took on the sides of Mary's loosely-knit sweater, and the action he had to perform to satisfy his grip ] [ describe Paul and Mary's initial entrance into the firewall room ] [ describe paul's erection ] [ describe mary's wetness ] [ describe how mary told paul about her wetness ] [ judge mary's character based on how she told paul about her wetness ] [ introduce paul's character with respect to his silence about his erection ] [ describe the doors opposite the firewall room ] [ introduce Catherine, in one of the doors, and the reason Paul and Mary did not fear her intrusion ] [ introduce the President, in the other door, and the reason Paul and Mary did not fear his intrusion ] [ introduce the lock on the firewall room with respect to how it is manipulated from the outside and from the inside ] [ describe Paul and Mary's debate on whether to lock the lock of the room, and Mary's argument for not locking it ] [ describe how Mary hoisted herself onto the server control desk ] [ describe how Paul approached Mary on the server control desk ] [ describe what clothes Mary removed, keeping in tune with her character ] [ describe how Paul prepared his clothes for the act, keeping in tune with his character ] [ describe how Lang, the webmaster, had run a cable across from the racks to the CD burner ] [ remark on the messy state of the cable on the server room floor ] [ describe how Paul stepped on this cable ] [ describe how Lang ran in to the room to see what the problem was ] [ describe how Paul and Mary disengaged ] [ describe how Mary hid herself ] [ describe how Paul tripped over his jeans and crashed backwards into the racks ]

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