November 28, 2004

Come Shit in My House!

I was just thinking today how high and where I would put shelves in my toilet such that I could store my collection of comic books there, and I was imagining that they could go sort of above my head and on both sides of the toilet so as to maximize the space that could be used for displaying those comic books. And I was thinking how I could then buy a bunch of comic books to fill those shelves, since I actually only have about eight comic books. And I was thinking how awesome that would be to justify trips to comic book stores to get more comic books by the fact that I have empty comic-book-sized shelves in the toilet. And I was thinking how it would look so awesome to have full shelves of comic books in my toilet that I would even take a picture of them soaring above my head, offering their comic book splendour in full majesty, and I could post that picture on the web. I was thinking how proud I would be of such comic-book-filled shelves, and how impressed I would be each time I entered between them, and how I would advertise this pride to the whole entire world.

November 26, 2004

I've never seen anybody but me propose to resolve a dispute rationally after getting angry at someone. I'm like Jesus.

November 18, 2004

my planet:
Weird. When I lived in Canada, I used to worry a lot about the disappearance of other languages. Due to the enormous and overbearing influence of English. It's not until I started living in other countries that I realised how little there is to worry about. So whence--from what evidence--could this initial concern have come?