October 21, 2004

My first CD player (Sony) read the track sectors from each track on a CD, and had a button to navigate back and forth through the sectors on a single track, if the track had such sectors, of which, for example, Enigma's Sadeness (I) had three. Sadeness was a long track, so it was convenient that it was divided into three sectors. I preferred sectors i and iii, for example, so I could use the sector-navigation feature to navigate directly to them, and skip that boring sector ii. However, modern CD players not only do not have a sector-navigation feature, they often don't even separate the buttons for rewind/fast-forward from the buttons for previous/next track. This absence, in comparison to the features on my first CD player, blows quite hard. I would just like to note this fact for people reading this from the future, when CD players no longer have buttons, but automatically play the entire CD from front to back as soon as you put it in the machine, so these people can envy how good we had it back in the day.

Is Privacy-Protection Technology Causing More Invasion in our Models' Lives?

Wicked. Since everyone's now on the internet, and since everyone's getting laptops, and since everyone's getting tired of tripping over cables and getting wireless, and since some people are liking going wireless and are starting to want to stay wireless even in more intimate areas of their house, LinkSys is suddenly justified in featuring as the biggest image on their homepage a young woman in her underwear.