June 17, 2004

I have often found myself trying to "optimize" my computer by choosing faster, lighter software for it, then been embarassed that I spend such ridiculous effort when I could buy more memory or a faster processor for a couple of bucks. But I've got a good computer at work, and I still manage to grind it to a halt with all the shit I start doing simultaneously. I wonder if command lines--the interfaces by which you type into a black window instead of clicking menus with a mouse--are actually more appropriate to us idea people than windows GUIs. I don't think any computer, no matter how much memory you put on it, is going to be able to handle what I can invent for it to do. Because the moment it pauses to make a harder calculation, I'm going to think of some other thing to launch. And this will quickly escalate. So I will proceed with my plans to go 100% command line at home. And web browser of course... but that will be for reading only strict, light, conformant DOM-based XHTML.

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