April 19, 2004

Je pense quandmême qu'il est dans mon interêt que des gens autres que moi soient heureux.

April 09, 2004

It did not catch on

Welcome to my "webbed" log. When I say "webbed", it's a reference to a phenomenal medium sometimes called the "world-wide web", a texto-graphical interface to an interconnected network of machines all over the Earth. I personally like to just call it "the web". It's shorter. (Imagine me smiling and winking when I write that!) The term "web", plus the standard word "log", gives "webbed log". That's all you need to say for me to know that you mean my texto-graphical world-wide networked journal. Isn't that amazing? But: alright, alright! We're all lazy, I know, I know. You're asking if there isn't even a shorter name for my webbed log. What? You don't think I'm a hipster? You don't think I scoff at sticklers for formal language? Of course I've got a shorter term. Come on, say it with me: Welcome to my 'dlog!