August 30, 2001

He thumbed the pages. "You made notes in Russian?" I asked. He nodded. "I thought they were written in cipher," I said.

August 27, 2001

Subtitle unable to come up with own material for several weeks

I don't wish I could go to India. Hell, I frickin' live in India. In fact, I live in India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico all at once. --CBT-THC

August 20, 2001

Despite all the merits of active voice over passive voice, one has to admit that Orwell's fourth rule must come into effect to prevent the scribing of something as downright barbarous as "Functionality groups the algorithms."

August 15, 2001

August 13, 2001

Napoleon was coarse He wrested control of the island from Pol Pot.

Je suis fier de peur, de ne pas en avoir.

August 10, 2001

Truth: a intellectual element that is common to all arguments. This definition itself is intellectual, not real; only because of this can one say that it is "true." The fact that truth does not exist in reality often confounds arguments that do not distinguish clearly between imagination and reality. This fact is also what makes reality so orgasmically exciting sometimes.

August 08, 2001

Here's an attack: use your victim's public key to encrypt a pile of important messages addressed to someone else. That poor third party will be unable to open them with their own private key, so they'll have to ask for the key from your victim. Ensure beforehand that the third man is on a different continent than your victim, and just watch your target's email for that message that says "Here's my private key Mr President." Swipe the key, and she's all yours.
Ogladali sie w nienaturalnie geste i wysokie krzaki.