May 09, 2001

A museum curator had closed up for the evening on a Monday night when he happened to pass by a wall clock. He noticed that the hand was pointing at the three, and the minute hand was pointing straight down. He left to continue his rounds and ensure that all the doors were locked, and after he had turned off the lights he was headed back down the same corridor where the clock hung. This time, when he looked at the clock he found that a cat's paw was stuck directly on the hand, pointing straight up at the twelve. His clock only had three numerals on it. The 1 and the 3 were on either side of the twelve, both on the top half of the clock face. Therefore, the curator understood that sometime between 12 and three, the museum cat must have been insensible. He discovered the cat with a missing paw several minutes later behind an Egyptian exhibit. What had happened?

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