April 23, 2001

I am envious of designer blogs with stylized scroll-bars. I was not aware that one could paint one's own scroll bars. I was not aware that this could be done in a simple and elegant manner which would enhance the visual appeal of the browser page rather than clutter it. How many years of school must one complete in the fine arts to understand these principles of design? How can one innately swallow these principles of design and use sunlight to expose them? Will you ever quit laughing at me with my half-bright attempts to experiment in areas which lead me on paths constantly toward the mundane? How often will you force me into a corner between my will and my action? Children are more capable than the ironic-mythical wit. Are is soft!! Whither edges? Whither compliance, attraction, consumption of result by direction, twinning of direction and result and style and function? Whither innocence, and how is it that one can be trapped between the limits of purity and the desire for language of filth??!!!! Whence this PASTULA, this TRAC, REFUSE, SWILL. AGORA AGORA DAJCIE MNIE VOIR, je suis meme aveugle posant mes yeux dans mon desir.

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