December 10, 2007

The Earth be damned

Environmentalists could possibly become the new industrialists.

Environmentalists say, convincingly "Banish this toxic packaging from household products and comsumables!" They say "Hecatons of carbon, and teragacres of lost forest result from unnecessary paint and plastic on breakfast cereals packages, juice bottles and detergent cartons."

The greens appear logical. But if we do replace all unnecessary packaging by uniform, grey recycled cardboard and dull bulk bins, we will all fall into soviet-style depression everytime we visit the supermarket. The suicide rate will climb, and, no longer inspired to choose a product over its competitor, the consumer will cause the economy to plunge.

No! We need colour! We need unusual profiles and complementary fridge magnets! Keep painting those Corn Flakes boxes in bright colours! for the sake of humanity, and the Earth be damned.

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