October 13, 2005

You were like "Hey! Hey you, yeah--the girl working here--this shit is crazy!"

Girl working in store: "No, that's... let me see that... it's M.I.A. Missing in Act..."

You: "NO! This shit is CRAZY!!!"

GWIS: "I don't understand. It says right here it's M.I.A. Here, let me scan..."

Y: "Yo. I got the bombs to mek you blaw. This shit's craze like my crew."

GWIS: "Cr... Craze?... Cra-- Z?"

CZ: "Yo, this szit's Cray like Z. Supercompute that, bitch. Tha's da Z thang."

GWIZ: "Wha... HMZ... I work at ... I work for Z. I'm Craze. This shit's Craze!"

CZ: "Word, word. And I'm gonna and I'm gonna and I'm gonna be .... Hiiigh-ayyy"

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