May 01, 2005

Chocolatey-Colored Moo-Cow

Zoë the choco-mochey colored moo-cow was a pathological pedophile. It hung around nurseries and amusement parks hoping to goad some straggling yungins into its clutches, although it never had the nerve to put its plans in action.

In the daytime, Zoë worked as a departemental HR manager in a bank. Its co-workers never guessed its deviant phantasies, as is likely the case with most pedophiles. The bovine likely did not stand out in the frustration of its depravity either, as child-molesting, while one of the most disturbing and unnerving crimes most people can imagine, is thankfully somewhat difficult to bring about.

Dorothy, the P.I. that eventually reined in the coffee-colored cow, had a pretty inappropriate relationship with God. While we encourage intimacy with the Lord, Dorothy took things much too far. She referred to Him as "Sugar."

It was fortunate she was the most solid investigator in the state.

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