March 09, 2005

Content Specification for Sell to Unborn

[ introduce the man ]

  [ guess how much you've heard about this man ]

  [ give his age; describe his background ]

[ introduce his idea ]

[ describe his idea ]

  [ contrast pre-cursory ideas ]

  [ narrate what he was involved in before having his idea ]

  [ narrate the situation that prompted his idea ]

[ transcribe his praise and predictions for his idea ]

[ analyse the potential impact of his idea ]

[ narrate the stories of two to three individuals that bought his idea ]

[ list investors who have jumped on board with the idea ]

[ list imitators that are already proposing modified, improved, or pared-down versions of the idea ]

[ quote his opinion about his idea in the face of these competing ideas ]

[ predict how much you will soon know about this man ]
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