March 23, 2005

Content Specification? for the Inverse Relationship Between Responsibility and Ideas

To avoid responsibility, I take refuge behind ideas. It seems to me, that although I am using these two terms in two different contexts, there is nevertheless an inverse relationship between the productivity of ideas and the effort of responsibility.

When you do not want to take responsibility for something, you have many creative ideas to enlarge the scope of what you have to do into someone else's responsibility. Notice that I am now using the term "you", because I believe that this happens often in large companies that talk and talk and talk but never produce any actual work.

When I have to make a difficult decision, I am very capable of thinking of more and more improvements to my work until it becomes so big that I can't possibly take responsibility for it. And I tell ya - these are fantastic improvements, fantastic in many senses of the term.

I really belong in some huge company.

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