May 26, 2004

Content Specification for Repulsive Coveted

[ narrate the story of the repulsive coveted ]

  [ narrate how he meets his friend in a cafe ]

  [ narrate how they decide to meet after he visits the cinema ]

    [ introduce the term for masturbation {strangling the donkey} ]

    [ narrate the conversation about the movie that's to play ]

  [ describe the cinema {The Harness} ]

    [ introduce the moviegoers ]

      [ introduce the police officers ]

        [ narrate how once, there was a pair of them, and their caps fell off together ]

      [ introduce the women ]

        [ describe their rarity, and the disguises they often wear ]

        [ oppose Olga ]

          [ introduce Olga ]

    [ introduce the seats ]

    [ introduce the cleanliness of the establishment ]

      [ introduce the necessity of sometimes walking in semen ]

        [ describe the justification for this ]

  [ narrate the second meeting with his friend/colleague at the office/party/cafe/work session ] 

    [ narrate how they do some intense, but enjoyable work, that is both productive, useful and stimulating ]

    [ narrate how he describes the film {his relative disappointment} ]

      [ narrate his narration of an earlier visit to the cinema ]

        [ describe the arousing and memorable scene that played ]

        [ describe his excitement after the film, his replay in his head of the memorable scene and the actress, his frequent masturbation as he imagined the same scene ]

    [ describe the repulsive woman that attends the latter part of the meeting ]

  [ narrate something else, to divert attention from both the cinema and the repulsive woman ]

  [ introduce another session with the repulsive woman, an incertain amount of time after the first work session ]

  [ describe a series of meetings that include this woman, and the re-iterated repulsion he experiences to her work and behaviour ]

    [ narrate his statement of opinion to his other colleagues, and their general concurrence ]

  [ narrate a second non-work meeting with his friend, in the cafe, and his excitement that his old favorite film is going to play again ]

    [ describe how he's been following a strict masturbation plan for a whole month in order to prepare for it ]

      [ describe the plan ]

        [ describe his frequency, and rate of change, of masturbation ]

        [ describe the calculated avoidance of orgasm during key periods ]

        [ describe the pressure applied to the testicles ]

        [ describe his girlfriend's role in the plan ]

        [ describe his wife's role in the plan {mainly the cuisine?} ]

        [ describe how he integrates his fetish {milk? needles? sweat?} into the plan ]

  [ narrate his visit to the cinema, and the discovery that the actress that he so worshipped is the repulsive woman he so abhors ]

    [ describe his disappointment ]

      [ describe his inability to fancy the repulsive woman as the porn star, and hence the destruction of all his fancies concerning the porn star, despite his efforts ]

  [ narrate his dwindling interest in the cinema ]

  [ narrate his demotivation at work, and then his remotivation, through channeling his disgust into popular, poignant, though cynical philosophical articles ]

  [ narrate the counsel of his friends and wife, their attempts to lift his spirits ]

  [ narrate his irritation of all these attempts, culminating in fury when he finally discovers his frustrated wife cooking a dish he doesn't like for his best friend ]

  [ narrate his analysis of the repulsive juxtaposition of worshipped starlet with disgusting person ]

    [ narrate his description of the dates at which the filming had taken place, with respect to the woman's current age ]

    [ narrate his awareness that the traits that had so aroused him had become the traits that so repulse him ]

  [ transcribe the recipe that appeared in the newspaper, part of a column inaugurated by his wife, with the support of his best friend, on the anniversary of his death from absence of will ]

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