April 09, 2004

It did not catch on

Welcome to my "webbed" log. When I say "webbed", it's a reference to a phenomenal medium sometimes called the "world-wide web", a texto-graphical interface to an interconnected network of machines all over the Earth. I personally like to just call it "the web". It's shorter. (Imagine me smiling and winking when I write that!) The term "web", plus the standard word "log", gives "webbed log". That's all you need to say for me to know that you mean my texto-graphical world-wide networked journal. Isn't that amazing? But: alright, alright! We're all lazy, I know, I know. You're asking if there isn't even a shorter name for my webbed log. What? You don't think I'm a hipster? You don't think I scoff at sticklers for formal language? Of course I've got a shorter term. Come on, say it with me: Welcome to my 'dlog!

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