December 16, 2002

Man to the stars

Sweet liberty! Naked horsepower! My naked bumskin skids the carseat. I shake my dick in a February night. To the stars, liberty! My seed spits to the Spattered stars. I pull wide my buttcheeks on the carseat. Carseat bumskin, Dance holy woman. My horsepower Feel my man's presence. Carry me. Join me! You Want it. I will put on a show for you my love In frozen February put on my horsepower My dick is cold and needs to be fondled. Feel my rod, street, as I powerfuck My broken tires Skiddesires I piston up through the steering column. Alone in the cabin, My dick as large as a passenger I fuel my erection I horsepower my dick like an injection My dick is beside me large as a passenger. My passenger is beside me big as a dick. I give my dick a hug and kiss. I give my kiss and hug a dick. I put my arm around my dick's shoulder. There there dick. A lightweight kiss. A red ahead. This street's so short My sport, spoilsport red Never Mind Road Give me Head. From what I've tasted of desire, I say the world will end in fire. Horsepowers my body through the windshield Nice. I scatter among the stars like shattered ice.

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