January 05, 2002

She said, "Baby, I've heard all the lines. I pioneered this. I ain't no joke. I get raw: how you like me now? You're a customer, et cetera." But then she started to choke. On her wine. I said "Easy baby. Slow down. Not so fast." I took the spyglass out of her hand. She leapt out choking and poking her fat band at the mast, spun to the prow, whirled, aft, then snatched a fast tuft out and sighted land. I eased the wineglass out of her hand, And, spying in the glass I urged less fast, Baby she said "Look at the tables." Able was I and tabled I stared past And saw half fast my future: I hit ten grand. "No no no, you don't seem to understand My man. Look at the tables: You hit ten grand."

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