October 18, 2001

Once picked dropped kick out off up took looked back off, Tip sat down, then chewed some take-out outtakes out in flashbacks. "I go revved-up down, hon," the old-timed high-strung. Lip opened an up-pent gush up, her eyes welled up, disgust curled her guts up. She watched go down the gulped-down, mad at in-bites; his over-bite grossed the girl out. The old man's ripped-up pants shook his dick out, his jerky bites shook drops of piss out. Outside, sirens passed the pair by, flashing flash-lights through the glass. She thought of Tandy and his overbite, green to take its place, to pick where it left off up. But words came coughed-up out of the chew-mouth. "That Tracy, Tancy... she loved it lapped up, stuck more out, like a toilet flush...chomp." She watched the food drop, smear, his bugs take a healthy body over, she watched the piss drip. Old man. But he had shut her up. "She loved it chomp so much she chucked up." Lip thought of a secret talk they had, just her and Tandy, in their room with the gable, they would wait until they were ready, they promised. This old man took her before she was ready.

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