June 12, 2001

Dead--Tetelestai Interview "SM-Study Romans untill you KNOW your salvation is secure because you are in God's righteousness, not your own. Please email me if you have questions about your savior and your salvation. DG-Buy our CD!" This interview... whew, I tell ya. Does it not strike anybody as twisted that Christians have borrowed one of the most satanic forms of music there is to spread their message of Love? Perhaps these kids just felt that a liberal sprinkling of Death Metal turned out to be just what the doctor ordered after a week of pamphlet-pushing. These Christian groups always make God out to be some leather-jacketed Harley-rider. They give the impression that they've researched into what was "hip" for ten years just to come off nonchalant when launching into their conversions. They get so tight-assed that it always backfires. Nobody wants to listen to some milk-drinker pretending to be into death metal or hip hop "as long as it's got no swearing."

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