May 24, 2001

Really that's enourmous, 48g of chocolate. This is what is called a "snack pack." They're making you eat the whole thing; that's clear. It's not like you're going to stop half-way through a snack pack. Yet they can always make the argument that you can. And then make you pay for their diet plan. A., we invent a word called "snack," which means that suddently it's okay to eat at any time. This is the hook. B., they increase the normal size of a snack to larger and larger, until they've got us eating meals six or more times a day. C., since these eating times are not defined, they can convince us to add just one more snack and just one more snack. D., they eliminate all flavours from our diet other than "sweet" and "salty," which are the cheapest coincidentally for them to produce. These flavours are so mundane that the only satisfaction you can get is by stuffing yourself with them. You can add "oily," to this, since fried food is so effective in enticing the nose. The result is that we are eating excessively crappy food, in excessively large amounts, an excessive number of times during the day. And they have full control. Try the supernatural experiment of biting into a chocolate bar and throwing it out when you are half-way through. You will find after a few minutes that your stomach is full, but your mouth is not satisfied. Thirsty? They easily convinced us to drink sugar to quench our thirst by giving it fun colours and bubbles. Normally, sugar isn't the first thing you'd think of to quench your thirst. That's why we need to drink it in large quantities. They created those salty-sweet coloured drinks with athletes on the labels when we started doubting in the really sweet drinks. It's not amazing. It's not horrifying. It's just uncomfortable.

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